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IDL/Python Cheat Sheet

The primary useful scientific data analysis packages in Python are NumPy and SciPy. You import NumPy:

import numpy as np

Here you can compare the IDL and python operator.

Relational Operators

IDL Python
a EQ b a == b
a NE b a != b
a LT b a < b
a LE b a <= b
a GT b a > b
a GE b a >= b

Logical Operators

IDL Python
a and b a and b (np.logical_and(a, b))
a or b a or b (np.logical_or(a, b))


IDL Python
sin(a) np.sin(a)
alog(a) np.log(a)
alog10(a) np.log10(a)
exp(a) np.exp(a)

Math Constants

IDL Python
!pi np.pi

Array Creation

IDL Python
dblarr(3, 5) np.zeros((3, 5))
intarr(3, 5) np.zeros((3, 5), dtype=int)
dblarr(3, 5)+1 np.ones((3, 5))
boolarr(10) np.zeros(10, dtype=bool)
indgen(10) np.arange(10)
dindgen(10) np.arange(10, dtype=float)

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