Fast Imaging Solar Spectrograph

Data Policy

The use of data obtained with BBSO's telescopes and instrumentation for public education efforts and non-commercial purposes is strongly encouraged and requires no expressed authorization. However, if you want to use our data for any commercial purpose, please contact us.

The data in the BBSO Data Archive might be reduced in spatial, temporal, spectral, and photometric resolution compared to the original data. Users requiring higher level processing or access to a different sample of the original data are invited to contact us.

If you use the data or some product based on the data in a published paper, book, or any other kind of (electronic) publication, we ask that you include an acknowledgement of the Big Bear Solar Observatory/New Jersey Insitute of Technology. Since we are interested in the work that other people do with our data, we also would like to request a sample copy, reference, URL, etc. depending on the type of publication.

Especially, Fast Imaging Solar Spectrograph(FISS) operation is supported by Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute(KASI) and Seoul National University(SNU). If you are going to firstly use FISS data, we recommend a contact with SNU group;go to People